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---- Two MCA toppers (Priyal Jain & Parul Jain) from our college in top 10 ---- B.Tech 1st & 7th Rank from CIITM in RTU| Ranked among the Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan
Message From Board
Compucom College  has broad objectives of imparting a professional education to the new generation. College under the aegis of Compucom Foundation Trust is working hard to shape every student into a worthy citizen of this nation. All efforts are made here to enhance the individual caliber of the students so that they meet the requirements of the current technology and are able to get selected in the hiring process of various industries and companies. We are firmly determined to improve  the quality of students in all aspects. I welcome you all to Compucom Engineering College to embark on a journey of success guided by the best faculty in the Industry.

Mr. Ajay Surana

M.Tech. (Electrical) IIT-Delhi
MS (Computer Science), NJIT, USA

Compucom  believes in innovations. We believe that the purpose of education is to create an excellent  student community, who are capable of doing some innovative things to encounter new challenges. Being a sister concern of Rajasthans leading software company, Compucom College inspires students to act as a leader and motivates them to explore and discover new routes in the fields of science, technology and management for the betterment of mankind.
The college is dedicated to provide an environment for intellectual growth and to provide an educational atmosphere that will stimulate both teachers and learners simultaneously.
The courses offered by the college arm the students with the right proportion of knowledge, skills, ideas and a positive attitude which makes them equipped to march towards the glory into the professional world.
I welcome all aspiring students to join our prestigious College  and experience the changes in life. I assure you that your decision to join this college will go a long way in building your career and realising your long cherished dreams.

Mr. S.K. Surana

Executive Director
B.E. (Electronics) BITS, Pilani
Graduate Studies (C.S.) USA

Vaibhav Surana

An engineering degree is a passport to a better future for you, as well as, a license granted to you, allowing you to participate in the great purpose of building our nation, and here at CITM, we take both of these objectives very seriously. So this is our personal invitation to you, come join us, and let us help build your future so that you can build the nation.

Mr.  Vaibhav Surana 

Management Advisor
B.Tech (Civil) IIT, Delhi (Gold Medalist)

IIM, Ahemdabad*

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you Compucom Institute of Technology & Management , one that shares the same vision and aspirations as the other  leading Educational Groups of the Country. Our Motto is to provide high quality professional  education to youngsters and to guide them find the path to success, fulfilling needs of  our country in the field of Engineering & Management.
As the Principal of the Institute I assure you that our college shares an educational philosophy of emphasizing on an interactive mode of teaching and learning, with the objective of stimulating students' intellectual curiosity and spirit of creativity, such that their interest in learning can be rekindled and be sustained for life. 
The institute has very close linkage with its sister organization working in Software Exports and media for field training of our students. Last but not least, CITM has its own purpose-built state-of-the-art campus situated in the heart of the city, Jaipur (Rajasthan). We wish to create an enriching environment that contributes not only to the high standard of academic achievement, but also to the social, personal and intellectual development of the students.
My colleagues and I would be delighted to meet you and support you in making your choice of career.

Prof. (Dr.) M. R. Farooqi

M.Tech., Ph.D (MNIT, Jaipur).

We congratulate you for taking the right decision in getting your ward admitted in a professional course at our Institution. The education system adapted by our college is not only to educate the students for acquisition of facts, but to teach them how to make these facts come alive. We believe that if we learn with pleasure, we never forget. The learning environment we provide at the campus motivate the students to learn more and assists them in building their excellent career.
We extend a warm welcome to the students, and will strive hard to make their bright future, and make them confident that they will be set on the onward march to launch into this competitive world towards a Golden Dawn!

Prof. Pawan Agarwal

B.E. (CSE), M.Tech.